Category: Technology

  • Humans are currently being disrupted by intelligent robotics

    There is a fierce debate about what AI and improved robotics are going to do to humans’ productivity and the future of work. Opponents are afraid that humans will be out of work.┬áProponents say that robots will allow humans to focus on what makes us unique. Proponents are right.. For now. Share this!Facebook0GoogleTwitterEmail

  • A more fluid way to model reality into data models

    How the ambiguous nature of reality makes it difficult to model in a database application I was reading the book “Data and Reality” (highly recommended) about how to model reality in a database application. In its first chapter, the book talks about the difficulty in doing so because of the inherent ambiguity of reality. However,…

  • Stylus-based Android note app that syncs with Google Drive

    What I wanted Stylus based note taking app which can take notes as good as S Note, AND save to and open from Drive / sync with Drive, allowing edit of Drive files from within app or from within Drive itself. Apps tested S Note I can sync the files manually into Drive, but I…