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  • Customer Preference Array based Distruptive Innovation

    In an earlier post, I explained why I think Clayton Christensen’s classic description disruptive innovations is just a special case of a more general theory of disruptive innovation. Today, I will sum in an even more succinct and, in my opinion, spot-on way what disruptive innovation actually is and how to design a business to […]

  • Innovator’s Strategy: An alternative description of disruption theory

    Innovator’s Strategy: An alternative description of disruption theory

    Raynor’s definition of a Disruptive Business Model In Innovator’s Manifesto, Michael Raynor describes a model of Disruptive Innovation that expands upon Porter’s concept of Strategic Differentiation. This is better than previous descriptions, but it still gets the categories somewhat wrong. Share this!Facebook0GoogleTwitterEmail

  • Why it is time to sell your Apple stock

    Apple is built on uncompromising design choices. This is a foundational piece of their strategy and what makes them unique. Last time Steve Jobs left the helm, Apple started compromising on its strategic position. While not immediately visible since short-term revenues went up, after a few years it was clear that Apple had lost its way. When […]