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  • Why Trump won’t be able to stop America’s decline

    Why Trump won’t be able to stop America’s decline

    While Trump’s efforts to make America great again are admirable, and will probably lead to short-term results, the reasons for America’s decline are more systematic and cannot be affected by a single president. America suffers from the problems that Michael Porter describes in his book The Competitive Advantage of Nations. In it, Porter characterizes the rise and […]

  • Humans are currently being disrupted by intelligent robotics

    There is a fierce debate about what AI and improved robotics are going to do to humans’ productivity and the future of work. Opponents are afraid that humans will be out of work. Proponents say that robots will allow humans to focus on what makes us unique. Proponents are right.. For now. Share this!Facebook0GoogleTwitterEmail

  • Why Bitcoin will go down to near zero

    Why would anyone pay their USD for a BTC? Because: they believe value of BTC will increase in the future arbitrage (current value of BTC is such that by selling something in BTC and immediately transferring it to USD, he makes more money than selling it in USD) there is certain amount of production, and […]

  • How US decision to torture one individual led to the rise of ISIS

    I would like to say a Merry Christmas, but I will instead take the opportunity to remind people of what happens when a few people in government (or just government in general) gets too much power. I will illustrate this by summarizing how a few people in the US made decisions roughly 10 years ago, […]

  • The Value Of Sales People For Society

    I think that sales people are really valuable, not only for their employers (as the bringers of cash), but also for their customers. My belief is compounded by the fact that the sales profession generally ranks high in the salary league (at least in complex B2B sales, and if you are somewhat successful of course) […]