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  • Guilt and shame – what it is and how to deal with it

    Guilt and shame can only come out of two sources: Share this!Facebook0GoogleTwitterEmail

  • Decide based on principles – not results

    A principle-based decision making framework. That is – I’ve come to realize – the key to success. Regardless of how you measure success. Let me explain. Currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (Sidenote: probably the most life changing book I’ve read in my life – I can’t believe I haven’t read it until […]

  • Why you should not focus on earning money if you want to secure your future

    If you want to earn a lot of money, first ask yourself this question: why? For most people, the purpose is safety. They want to feel that they will never be poor, that they will always be able to make enough money to support themselves and potentially also a family, and live a good life. […]

  • Life decision making process with acceptable worst case and unlimited upside

    Barbell strategy decision making heuristic When making an important, potentially life changing choice where some of the options may be irreversible, it is important to thoroughly analyze the different options before choosing one. But it is impossible to weigh options against each other if you don’t have objective criteria against which they can be measured. […]

  • Life Lesson’s from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography

    Main learnings from this book: Humbleness Better to convince people by being the “humble inquirer” rather than being confrontational and “winning over” people which may win you the argument, but will not win you any friends, which is more important for success. Better to help people realize the truth for themselves, which makes them like […]

  • The purpose of life is self-esteem

    According to Aristotle, the highest value is something which “makes life desirable and lacking in nothing”. I personally happen to agree with this – this is the ultimate thing that every person should strive for, this and nothing else. Anything particular thing we strive for should ultimately lead to this thing, because this is what […]

  • Why Kant’s Categorical Imperative is evil and how you should think instead

    Kant’s Categorical Imperative says that you should base your decisions on whether the underlying reasoning should reasonably applied as a universal law. For example, if you feel like lying to get money from someone else, would you want this to be a law that everybody should follow? Obviously not, so lying to get money from […]

  • The path of least resistance

    One of my friends have planted this idea in my head called “The path of least resistance”. It is the theory that you should basically go with the flow, take the least resistance to happiness. For example if it is easy for me to get a job in a certain career, then I should take […]

  • Uniqueness

    There aren’t 2 alike beings on this earth (no, not even twins at birth). There’s no “ideal way to be” or “ideal type”, no mold to fit into, no special way “we were supposed to be”. Each individual is uniquely and to a certain degree randomly built, not because we are faulty and didn’t fit […]