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  • Why Trump won’t be able to stop America’s decline

    Why Trump won’t be able to stop America’s decline

    While Trump’s efforts to make America great again are admirable, and will probably lead to short-term results, the reasons for America’s decline are more systematic and cannot be affected by a single president. America suffers from the problems that Michael Porter describes in his book The Competitive Advantage of Nations. In it, Porter characterizes the rise and […]

  • Humans are currently being disrupted by intelligent robotics

    There is a fierce debate about what AI and improved robotics are going to do to humans’ productivity and the future of work. Opponents are afraid that humans will be out of work. Proponents say that robots will allow humans to focus on what makes us unique. Proponents are right.. For now. Share this!Facebook0GoogleTwitterEmail

  • The path of least resistance

    One of my friends have planted this idea in my head called “The path of least resistance”. It is the theory that you should basically go with the flow, take the least resistance to happiness. For example if it is easy for me to get a job in a certain career, then I should take […]

  • Best speech ever – why free trade and capitalism is in our blood Matt Ridley explains how the human race is able to create things that a single human being could not possibly create, how we are all dependent on each other, and the reason we have tripled our average real wealth per person on earth even with the population growth that we have had. This speech […]

  • 10 happy friends go out for dinner

    10 happy friends go out for a dinner together. The bill is $100. They split the bill based on the principles of how fairness is usually judged in a society, and how taxes are payed in most countries: – The four first friends (the least wealthy) eat for free – The 5th pays $1 – […]