Author: Kermit Kordell

  • Humans are currently being disrupted by intelligent robotics

    There is a fierce debate about what AI and improved robotics are going to do to humans’ productivity and the future of work. Opponents are afraid that humans will be out of work. Proponents say that robots will allow humans to focus on what makes us unique. Proponents are right.. For now. Share this! Facebook0 AccessDeniedAccess […]

  • Nintendo NX is a disruptive innovation

    According to recent rumors, Nintendo NX will be less powerful than current gen (PS4), and be a handheld that can slide into a dock that lets you play games on your TV. Hence, it seems to fulfill the criteria for a disruptive innovation relative to today’s high-end consoles (PS4 and Xbox One): It performs worse from […]

  • Decide based on principles – not results

    A principle-based decision making framework. That is – I’ve come to realize – the key to success. Regardless of how you measure success. Let me explain. Currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (Sidenote: probably the most life changing book I’ve read in my life – I can’t believe I haven’t read it until […]

  • Why it is time to sell your Apple stock

    Apple is built on uncompromising design choices. This is a foundational piece of their strategy and what makes them unique. Last time Steve Jobs left the helm, Apple started compromising on its strategic position. While not immediately visible since short-term revenues went up, after a few years it was clear that Apple had lost its way. When […]

  • Why you should not focus on earning money if you want to secure your future

    If you want to earn a lot of money, first ask yourself this question: why? For most people, the purpose is safety. They want to feel that they will never be poor, that they will always be able to make enough money to support themselves and potentially also a family, and live a good life. […]

  • Realism and the purpose of science

    Whether or not we can directly comprehend reality is irrelevant. What is relevant how well we are able to predict the future. That is the purpose of science, and the only important factor to strive for, as that is what will give us increased control over our own fate. (Of course, this assumes that our […]

  • Iterative Problem Solving

    Iterative Problem Solving

    When it comes to solving problems, there are two main lines of thoughts: Plan, plan, do Do, learn (repeat) I’ve found during my life experience that the second method is almost always the best one. It arrives at the solution quicker, and it solves the problem better. In this post, I’ll explore why that is […]

  • Why Bitcoin will go down to near zero

    Why would anyone pay their USD for a BTC? Because: they believe value of BTC will increase in the future arbitrage (current value of BTC is such that by selling something in BTC and immediately transferring it to USD, he makes more money than selling it in USD) there is certain amount of production, and […]

  • Life decision making process with acceptable worst case and unlimited upside

    Barbell strategy decision making heuristic When making an important, potentially life changing choice where some of the options may be irreversible, it is important to thoroughly analyze the different options before choosing one. But it is impossible to weigh options against each other if you don’t have objective criteria against which they can be measured. […]

  • A more fluid way to model reality into data models

    How the ambiguous nature of reality makes it difficult to model in a database application I was reading the book “Data and Reality” (highly recommended) about how to model reality in a database application. In its first chapter, the book talks about the difficulty in doing so because of the inherent ambiguity of reality. However, […]