There aren’t 2 alike beings on this earth (no, not even twins at birth). There’s no “ideal way to be” or “ideal type”, no mold to fit into, no special way “we were supposed to be”.

Each individual is uniquely and to a certain degree randomly built, not because we are faulty and didn’t fit the ideal, not because we are “off the mean measurements”, but simply because there is no ideal, there are no mean measurements of how we are supposed to be.

Everyone and every living thing is simply the way they are, and trying to do their best (if you can even generalize that far) in their current environments, whichever environments those happen to be. There’s no general “best way” to be in all environments, but only the specific ways everyone happen to be in the specific environments they happen to live in.

That’s why books like “The way of the Superior Man” and a lot of Ayn Rand’s thoughts regarding human psychology are bullshit. They’re trying to fit man into an “ideal form” which everybody should strive to be like.

But you have to look at who you REALLY are, today, and what environment you REALLY live in, today, and based on that make your own unique decisions about how you want to live your life and what you want to do.

Life is unique – don’t waste it by trying to fit into some imaginary mold that other people made up. That’s just a shortcut to not having to think for yourself. Do think for yourself, and be who you really are, whatever way that happens to be.

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